No Drones hovering Independence Day: PVMC Clerk

Port Vila Municipal Council Town Clerk and Secretary of the Vanuatu Independence Committee, Ms Michelle Jonas says with the number of general public and leaders anticipated to attend the 38th. Independence Flag Raising at the Independence Park the use of drones is prohibited.

"As more and more drones hover the Independence Park they increase the chances of accidents, injuries and potential law-suits and Port Vila Municipal, as the town authority, cannot be held liable for the law-suits," the Town Clerk Ms Jonas said.

Ms Jonas appealed to drone operators to exercise caution when operating their private drones in public because Council is in the process of passing by-laws to prevent such use.

Meanwhile the PVMC council said  it has duties and powers under Cap 126 to  prevent such use of drones in public places because of the safety threats they pose to Port Vila City inhabitants.

(Source - Daily Post, Sat. July 28th. 2018)

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