CAAV RPAS Regulations

drone.vu is the official Civil Aviation Authority Vanuatu & Vanuatu Cultural Centre National Film & Audio Department site providing information and registration services for the safe and legal use of RPAS (drones) in Vanuatu under Civil Aviation Rules Part 101.

All RPAS Operations unable to be conducted under Civil Aviation Rules Part 101 must be approved and authorised by the Director of Civil Aviation, Vanuatu

RPAS ~ Drone Registration

All RPAS Operators and RPAS (drones) in Vanuatu need to be registered and fly in accordance within CAAV Rules Part 101.

There is no distinction between 'recreational' and 'commercial' use, all drones must fly under and comply with CAAV Rules Part 101.
RPAS (Drones) that cannot comply with Part 101 must seek authorisation to operate from the Director of Civil Aviation.

  • RPAS Operator

    Vanuatu Residents & Foreign Visitors

  • RPAS ~ Drone Registration

    Civil Aviation Rules Part 101

Kaljoral Senta Filming Policy

All RPAS (drones/flying cameras) flown in Vanuatu at cultural events or locations need to be approved by the Vanuatu Cultural Council and issued a Valid Permit PRIOR to use. Proof of Pilot Competency and Public Liability Insurance may be be required.

Vanuatu Flight Operations Management

Manage and submit Operations, Locations and Flights for Approval and maintain CAAV Part 101 Compliance to save time and money.